Our Patients Say it best

I have seen David Rose for acupuncture and had amazing results with my chronic pain as well as sports injuries!
Heather Dorscher
Chronic Pain, Sports Injury
I have had chronic upper back and shoulder pain for over a year that chiropractic and Physiotherapy have not been able to deal with. A couple visits of acupuncture and already I feel better than I have in a long time! I highly recommend this!
Travis Gallop
Upper Back & Shoulder Pain
I benefited greatly from David’s treatments which I feel come from his knowledgeable and treatment techniques. I highly recommend David!
Chad Bett
David is a consummate professional whose passion for his craft is easily evident. I had never received acupuncture before meeting David and I was skeptical to say the least. His treatments have helped me significantly with muscle pain from various sporting injuries over the years. On top of David being extremely good at what he does, he is also a great person. Get in and see David!
Chris Sands
Sports Injury
David Rose is so kind. The treatment that he provided was helpful and his caring and knowledgeable attitude made the experience better than I expected. He helped with my neck pain in one treatment and I'm going to continue to see him for some other pain issues.
Vicky C.
Neck Pain
Dr. David Rose have given me excellent service and have been able to help me with chronic pain issues. I've had more effective treatment with him than I have found anywhere else in the last 15 years. I can't recommend him enough!
Trip S.
Chronic Pain
Dr. Rose is not only a very efficient acupuncturist but a wonderful person. You will get acupuncture AND probably great therapy at the same time! I love going there.
David is very friendly and knowledgeable. It was almost disappointing how effective the treatments were as it meant I spent less time in his office. He's an excellent person and practitioner.
Jeremy Ramer
Musculo-Skeletal Pain
David is excellent at what he does and goes above and beyond helping his patients. His knowledge and calming influence is second to none, highly recommend!!
George Sullivan
I had no idea how acupuncture could help in such a wide spreading way. David has taught and helped me massively. Thank you and keep doing your good work.
Eve Mansfield
I usually go for acupuncture on a monthly basis for neck pain, and never have I experienced the same results like I have with David. His methods are efficient and immediate as he was able to diagnose my problems within the initial consultation. David is by far the best acupuncturist that I have ever experienced.
Kelvin Chen
Neck Pain
I found myself diagnosed with the medical condition Bell’s Palsy as a result of trauma from a car accident. Acupuncture was recommended to me and although this was my first experience with this method of healing, I am very pleased with the treatment that I received at the hands of David Rose. I am truly grateful of David’s professional manner and knowledgeable expertise.
Pam C.
Bell's Palsy
David is very knowledgeable in his expertise of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Right from the beginning, David was very confident in his ability to assist me in the pain I have been experiencing for years now. Which helped me in knowing that I can finally get my back pain under control after years of a variety of treatments. Thank you David for your treatment on limiting the back pain I experience and helping me get back to a pain free active lifestyle!
Henry A.
Back Pain
Dr. David Rose is such a warm, positive, and caring person. I always feel so relaxed and refreshed after the acupuncture appointments. I suffered from chronic migraines, and I was desperate for some relief. After the first treatment, my body was so relieved and relaxed. With 3 treatments, my mobility has improved greatly and my pain is almost gone. If you are seeking an acupuncturist for whatever reason, please do try Dr. David first. Dr. David is the best. He is very professional and an intelligent person. You will get more than a treatment. Highly recommended!
Alexandr S.
It is like magic... Have been taking my athlete children with such amazing success. Two shoulder injuries that MD said would take 2 weeks of rest, fixed in 1 treatment. Hipflexor fixed in several. But 75% reduction of symptoms in one treatment. If you have benefits you are crazy not to try this guy. If not it is worth the fee to see the pain leave their faces so quickly. Thanks David !
Sports Injuries
I went in to see if he could help me with chronic back issue that Chiropractic and massage didn't seem to help with . After my first visit I was pain free for 24 hours ! Now with ongoing treatments, I actually feel like I finally found some real help.
Chronic Back Pain
Very pleased with my results from David's treatments. After years of pain from old injuries, I'm now moving and feeling better then I have I'm a very long time.
Sports Injuries
I am extremely pleased with my experience under David's care. His use of acupuncture and herbal medicine has helped me feel better. On top of that, his ability to understand me and help me on a mental emotional level was more than I expected.

I met with David and had a conversation of utilizing acupuncture and herbal medicine to assist my husband and I with our fertility issues and my irregular cycle. We had been unsuccessful with our attempts to conceive for two and a half years, so we decided to commit to a program David had set up for us. He provided us with a time line and we stuck to it.

We did not receive any other type of assistance from medical, homeopathic, or wellness treatments in trying to become pregnant. Within a three week time frame of completing our sessions we became pregnant, and now have a beautiful healthy baby boy.

Without hesitation I would recommend acupuncture provided by David. Not only does his program show results. David is committed to helping his patients. He is very supportive and very intuitive with his profession. He is willing to listen and adjust the programs to meet your needs.

Ashley R.
When I first met with David I had tension issues in my joints and muscles due to working in construction. I was going to massage therapy and physio therapy for a long time, and was only able to obtain temporary relief. After a few sessions of acupuncture, I experienced complete relief.
Trevor M.
Musculo-Skeletal Pain
Dr. Rose treated me when I was diagnosed with bells palsy with his knowledge + herbal treatment and his coincidence that everything was going to be okay. His positive attitude and his great sense of caring for his patience gave me strength to recover. I would highly recommend him for any treatment needed regarding acupuncture.
Bell's Palsy
I saw Dr. Rose after coming down with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Bell's Palsy). It typical doesn't have a high rate of recovery but with Dr. Rose help, I was able to make a full recovery. I feel that his knowledge, needling techniques and herbs had a lot to do with my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Rose.
Bell's Palsy
I have been seeing Dr. Rose for many years and have nothing but praise. He has a gift. He is patient, kind, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and most importantly effective. I would not hesitate to recommend him. I trust him.
I came to Dr. Rose because of chronic and increasing migraine headaches and left hip pain. Within a week of treatments, my headaches have disappeared, and after one treatment my left hip pain is gone. I've seen a lot of acupuncturists over the years, and Dr. Rose is second to none. I've also taken prescription medication for migraines and although they worked in the short term, they made my migraines increase and had worrisome side effects - such as chest pain. Acupuncture has no side effects and provides instant and long-lasting results. Do yourself a favor, and book your appointment for Dr. Rose, say goodbye to your pain, so you can enjoy your pain-free life.
Migraines and Hip Pain
My husband visited Dr. David Rose for the first time tonight. After countless visits to the chiropractor and physiotherapist he finally found a treatment to help his back. Dr David was so extremely patient ,kind, and knowledge. You can feel how passionate he is about what he does and it shows in his treatment. We highly recommend seeing Dr David as he really knows what’s he’s doing. We will definitely be seeing him again!!
Back Pain
I am so pleased with David's approach to helping me with my health issues. I can tell he really cares. So far I have received acupuncture and herbal medicine from David, and both are making a huge difference for me.
David is a very professional, personable, sensitive acupuncturist. I first came to see David to work on some neck and back pain. After these were fixed, David helped me with some emotional difficulties I carried for a long time. Thank you David for your amazing work! I highly recommend for you to book in with him if you are looking for an acupuncturist.
Pain, Stress, Anxiety
I absolutely recommend Dr. David Rose if you are seeking an acupuncturist. Since seeing David my digestive problems are so much better. I am not so sensitive to certain foods, my bowel movements are regular, and my energy is way up! Dr. David used acupuncture and Chinese herbs help me feel better. On top of that, he really listened and showed support.
Digestive Disorders
David is a great listener and takes a holistic approach to treating his patients. I definitely recommend him.
David is a great people person and a great acupuncturist he has helped me with Injurys many times.
I saw Dr rose for ongoing sports injury in my knee that just wouldn't heal or respond to physiotherapy. After a few short weeks he had me fixed up good as new. Great bedside manner. Very knowledgeable and professional. I recommend Dr rose to all my friends and family.
Sports Injuries
Very approachable and open - Dr. Rose's communication skills help get to the source of the issue. He is knowledgeable and very good with both acupuncture and herbs. I have had huge improvements in health under his care.
I had neck pain with constant migraines, and after 1 treatment with David my neck pain improved and my migraines disappeared. I am very thankful for the improved quality of life I have now. Thanks David!
Neck Pain and Migraines
My experience with David has been excellent. He checked my pulse and told me what issues I have been experiencing health wise. My depression, anxiety, and energy have all improved, along with my sleep. Highly recommend David to anyone with a health issue they need resolved.
Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
Have been seeing David from onset of menopause he has treated any and all ailments that come along with this, minimal to no hot flashes, no night sweats, mental clarity (ask for his herb selection), aches and pains held at bay with his knowledge of acupuncture, a must see doctor.
Menopause and Pain
A must see doctor for knowledge, professionalism, listening skills, very easy to refer people to David
Sound knowledge base and very personable young acupuncturist....I recommend him to everyone!
I had an extremely painful elbow that would flare up with the least amount of use. After the first acupuncture treatment I experience a vast improvement. After 2 treatments my elbow returned to almost normal. It is now fully healed and the pain has not recurred.
Elbow Pain
The words fantastic or wonderful aren't giving him enough credit. my shoulder has clicked my whole life. I never mentioned it bothering me. He noticed, and after one visit, it has never come back. He told me he will get me to trust him, I did before I met him because of how highly recommended he comes. I coach young women, and would recommend him to them, and their parents. Highlight of my day. He is kind. Has good energy and just makes you feel good about yourself.
My acupuncture appointments are the highlight of my day! David genuinely listens to my concerns and is very personable. He put me at ease regarding my treatments when I first started seeing him and was wary of needles. He's always punctual but I never feel rushed. Gladly recommend him to my friends!
Very attentive to your problems and would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain.
Acute and Chronic Pain
David makes you feel calm about the procedures is very patient, listens well and answers your questions. He is very pleasant and positive.
David is very open and personable, impressingly knowledgeable and absolutely amazing at what he does!!! 😀😀😀
I was suffering from shoulder pain, digestion problems and later on from nausea due to pregnancy. David was able time after time to solve my problems and take away my pain in no time! He is pleasant to speak with, gives you all his time and attention and will answer all your questions no matter how long it takes. David turned me from a skeptic into a believer of acupuncture.
Shoulder Pain, Digestive Disorders, Nausea
I have been suffering from full spectrum migraine headaches since my early 30’s; they were getting worse and the medication was not working as well for me.
I had read that acupuncture could help with migraines and I was willing to give it a try. Luckily for me the clinic I was going to for massages offered it and I noticed in David’s bio that he had training in treating migraines. I started going to David in September 2014 and was finding some relief without medication. I was still getting auras and David suggested herbal medicine; he did warn me that the herbs were not great tasting but that I would get more relief if I tried them. I gave them a try and once I got past the earthy taste, I found that the herbs worked wonders for me. Since taking them, I have only had two migraines with auras in the past 8 years which is a big improvement for me. David is extremely professional and cares greatly for his patients.
I have tried acupuncture many times, but Dr. David's treatment was different. First of all he checked my pulse and told me many things about my health that were problematic, and he was spot on. This really showed me he knows his stuff! Then he took away my back pain by needling my arm. The pain disappeared instantly, and hasn't returned. On top of this, he was truly compassionate and kind. I'm so happy I saw Dr. David, and recommend him to anyone seeking acupuncture in Calgary.
Back Pain
David is a consummate professional whose passion for his craft is easily evident. I had never received acupuncture before meeting David and I was skeptical to say the least. His treatments have helped me significantly with muscle pain from various sporting injuries over the years. On top of David being extremely good at what he does, he is also a great person. Get in and see David!
Muscle Pain