Acupuncture in Beit Shemesh

What is Acupuncture?

The original term for acupuncture is “needling therapy”.
In an acupuncture treatment, extremely fine needles are gently inserted into various points or areas of the body to treat many different conditions. This technique dates back to around 800 BCE, when steel needles were originally developed.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

On a basic level, acupuncture needles are inserted into “acu-points”. These acu-points are points of intersection between blood vessels and nerves. By stimulating these points or areas, acupuncture creates a healing response in the body. This healing response is primarily seen due to acupuncture’s effects on blood flow

The blood transports oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other vital substances, which are critical for healing.

Acupuncture also affects the nervous system, and is therefore helpful in regulating organ function, calming stress and anxiety, and relaxing tight and painful muscles. 

Acupuncture treats internal, musculoskeletal and mental emotional conditions.

What Conditions can Acupuncture Treat?

Since acupuncture works by improving blood flow and regulating the nervous system it can have a positive impact on most conditions. Patients seek acupuncture treatments for all systems of the body; musculoskeletal, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, immune, nervous system etc. But patients also frequently seek acupuncture to help with mental emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression, and high stress levels.

If you are unsure whether acupuncture is right for you, please book a complimentary “meet and greet” so we can find out if we can help.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

To some, acupuncture might sound scary or dangerous. However, acupuncture is very safe. 

The most common side effect of acupuncture is a bruise, which is painless. On very rare occasion a patient can become light headed or dizzy, most likely from low blood sugar. The best way to avoid this is eat within a reasonable time of your treatment.

I must mention that in Israel acupuncture is essentially unregulated, and therefore anyone can theoretically perform it. This certainly poses a risk, and requires of the patient to look into the practitioners credentials. It is important that your practitioner has proper training from an accredited institution.

Acupuncture needles are extremely fine and don’t cause pain when inserted.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are extremely fine and don’t cause pain when inserted. The main sensation associated with needling is a zip or zing. In mandarin it is called “De Qi”, and it is considered a positive acupuncture sensation. Otherwise patients can feel heaviness, tingling, warmth, itchiness, or other sensations like these, which are all considered normal and positive.

What is Your Style of Acupuncture?

I have been practicing acupuncture for nearly 18 years. Over 10 years ago I began my study of what is called “Balance Method Acupuncture”. Balance method acupuncture is an approach that was made famous in the west by the late Richard Tei Fu Tan.

There are a few reasons balance method is unique among the many other styles of acupuncture out there. The most striking point is that needles are inserted distally or remotely from the area being treated, and not inserted directly into the problematic area. For example, if a patient comes in with neck pain, we don’t put needles in the patient’s neck; rather we stimulate points or areas that are on the ankle or wrist that actually treat the neck itself. What is so exciting is that the results are immediate, and the neck will begin to relax within seconds!
There is a famous saying in the acupuncture world to describe this phenomenon: 

“If you stand up a flagpole, it will immediately cast a shadow”.

Beit Shemesh: Acupuncture demonstration

This means that when acupuncture is performed properly the results are instant. This type of result is only possible with distal needling like balance method. This is not to say local needling is ineffective, it is just a different approach, and due to the nature of it, results often come a few days later.

Because we don’t needle the local area, we also don’t run the risk of inflaming it either. This means you don’t need 2-3 sore days before you start to feel results.

This means that when acupuncture is performed properly the results are instant.

Balance method is famous for taking away pain instantly, but it is just as effective for calming the mind, balancing hormones, unblocking sinuses, reducing bloating, and most other internal issues.

Many of the point combinations are called magic 4, or magic 8, or magic 9 (the number relates to the amount of needles being used). And after practicing all these years, I can say magic is a good description, because it works so well – it’s almost magical.

"I’m Female and Unsure About Treatment From a Male".

This is certainly a valid concern. However, because patients stay fully clothed for acupuncture we find there is never an issue when treating a female patient. Our methods of needling don’t require needles to be inserted into the local area of concern, so if for example you are being treated for lower back pain, the needles are inserted distally into the 4 limbs of the body. The patient only needs to roll their sleeves up to the elbows and have their knees down exposed.

The patient only needs to roll their sleeves up to the elbows and have their knees down exposed.