Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbs in Beit Shemesh

History and Overview

Chinese herbal medicine dates back over 5000 years, with literally thousands of different medicinal substances found in the material medica. 

These substances are made up of plants, tubers, stalks, flowers, and leaves.

In addition to these plant materials, several mineral and even animal products can be used as well. I have noticed since starting to practice Chinese herbal medicine in Beit Shemesh, that most people are unfamiliar with it, and how it may help them. With this page I hope to bridge that gap for you.

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine can take on many different forms; from raw herbs to pills, tinctures, or powders. They can be taken internally or applied topically.

We prescribe concentrated granules which I simply refer to as powders in my practice. 

Concentrated granules are the end result of a complex process where raw herbs are decocted, and the liquid and the vapors are all collected and eventually freeze dried into powder form.

This powder is what you, the patient receives from the clinic. You receive one bottle with directions and dosage written on the label.
Inside the bottle are the granules which are generally comprised of multiple formulas and individual herbs. 
To you though, it just looks like one supplement.

To take the herbs you simply add the amount written on the label into a tea cup, add warm water, stir and drink.
Much like instant coffee, only they’re more earthy in taste!

Conditions we Treat Using Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete system with diagnostics, strategies, and treatments to address the patient’s needs.

When you think about the myriad of reasons you might see a Doctor, you should understand that our medicine is designed to address those concerns, only we do so with herbs (or acupuncture) and not with pharmaceuticals.

From cold’s and flu’s, to insomnia, to women’s health, to musculoskeletal pain, to urinary issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, eczema, acne, headaches, constipation, you name it Chinese medicine has treatments for it. 

Remember, Chinese medicine is system medicine that has been used for millennia. Formulas have been created to treat all systems of the body and mind.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete system with diagnostics, strategies, and treatments to address the patient’s needs.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Goji Berries

A Natural Approach to Healing:

The beauty of Chinese herbal medicine is not only that it is highly effective, but that it is free from many of the side effects seen with western pharmaceuticals. Many patients do not want to use drugs unless absolutely necessary. Our medicine offers an effective alternative to those seeking a different path with their health.

Most of what we prescribe you cannot find in a health food store, or on iHerb! Our formulations are extremely intricate and based on principles that take years of training to master. This is not like getting a bottle of turmeric or ginseng at your local organic shop.  

In fact, much of what I prescribe in the clinic comes from my Master Dr. Jimmy Chang. Dr. Chang is considered by all to be one of the greatest Doctors of Chinese medicine in the world today.

I have had the pleasure to learn from him in person in his clinic, to see him treat 30 patients in 3 hours, as well to have nearly daily interactions learning with him, or going over various cases. It is only because of Dr. Chang that I am to able to apply the principles of Chinese herbal medicine effectively. One simply cannot prescribe Chinese herbs without a master to show the way.

All granules used are tested for potency and purity according to North American regulations.

Safety and Purity:

All granules used are tested for potency and purity according to North American regulations. We use brands sourced from Taiwan as they have proven to be extremely reliable and on the level our clinics standards.

Using Chinese Herbs with Western Medicine

In China it is not uncommon to have a patient get an MRI, receive herbs, acupuncture, and western pharmaceuticals all at once. Medicine is truly integrative over there, and in my practice I approach things in a similar way.

Firstly, it is safe to use herbs and pharmaceuticals at the same time with few exceptions. 

Secondly, I never advise a patient to stop taking their prescriptions, or attempt to alter dosage. If a patient wants to come off certain medications I always advise them to work with the prescribing Doctor to wean off safely, and I will use our medicine to support the patient in that transition.

I believe in fostering good relationships with Physicians and working together for the best interest of the patient, because at the end of the day it’s really about helping you be healthy!

The Secret of Prescribing Chinese Herbal Medicine

There is a famous principle in Chinese medicine that goes as follows:

“The same condition can be treated 5 different ways, and 5 different conditions can be treated the same way”.

This statement teaches us a principle central to our medicine. We are most concerned with the nature of the disease, and not a disease name.  It is very possible that 5 different patients with the same problem, for example, IBS, could get 5 different treatments, because the underlying cause of the IBS is different in each patient. 

We are most concerned with the nature of the disease, and not a disease name.

Where 5 different patients could have 5 different issues altogether, but they could share the same underlying pattern, and therefore receive 5 similar treatments even though their symptoms are vastly different.

This is the genius of traditional Chinese medicine, and the reason it treats the patient on a deeper level. We are not treating western disease names; we are treating patterns that lie beneath the disease. The pattern could be blood stagnation, or weakness of an organ, or too much heat (inflammation), or stress leading to physical symptoms, etc. The job of the Doctor is to understand the pattern according to Chinese medicine principles and then to pick herbs to treat that pattern.

When we treat this way, not only do symptoms get better, they tend to stay better. We call this “treating the root”.

Choosing Chinese Herbal Medicine

If you are looking for a safe and natural treatment, or if you have not found success with more conventional treatment options, Chinese herbal medicine might be right for you. 

I am always happy to put aside time for a complimentary “meet and greet” to determine if our treatments are appropriate for you.

Chinese herbs Beit Shemesh: Rocks